At the heart of our ethical manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

« When I created , I always knew that a high production standard would be a key factor for the brand.
I always choose to work with amazing companies in both Italy and London, as this way I am sure that every pieces is made with love and attention to every detail.
Knowing that our partners work in good conditions is one of our top priorities, and we make sure to keep a close link with the manufacturers to insure that we are working ethically. »
– Marine Lloris

Manufacturing process 2

garments are produced in Italy by able seamstresses, and in London, close to our studio, as we want to make sure that every piece is made with care.

When clients shop at , they are also buying ethical manufacturing, as this is how all our dresses are realized.

It's in fact at the core of our work ethic, to only pick high end fabrics and to manufacture with able craftsman and seamstresses, who are working in optimal conditions and who deeply care about realizing our dresses at the high standard we require, both for us, and for our clients.

Our relationship with the production companies is a true partnership, which leads to the realization of our vision.

At , every dress is truly made with love.

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Photo of the manufacturing stages in our laboratory in Italy
Manufactured dress