Our dresses

Welcome to , where girls from 2 to 12 years can find their dream wardrobe, where clothing exudes personality, and thoughtful attention to details is intrinsic to every design.

style can be defined as the perfect mix and balance between timeless french style, and the energy you breath in London.
Our occasionwear dresses are in fact chic, yet original, as we want our girls to stand our from the crowd.

What also sets us apart from other luxury childrenswear brands, it’s our selection of fabrics from high-end womenswear textile companies, giving an aire of sophistication to each design while still emboding a playful side.

Our fabrics

The origin of our fabrics matters to us, we work with Italian, English and French textile factories, as we believe quality to be key to the brand’s aesthetic.

Our production is based in both London and Italy, as an ethical manufacturing process it’s at the core of the brand’s ethos.

We are delighted to welcome you in our World, where designs are realised with care and with a hint of sugar.

« Every detail matters when it comes to »

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