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« Since I was a child I was always creative - from painting to playing the piano - and growing up, I was drawn to textiles, different fabrics and the use of colour. So, as an adult I felt inspired to create something. It was when I had my girls that I found the perfect opportunity to channel my passion for creativity with my love of fashion.
My girls are my muses.
They are very honest about the dresses and are always giving me ideas about how to make them even more special! »
– Marine Lloris

is a luxury girlswear brand created by Marine Lloris, specialised in high-end dresses. Marine is mother to two girls, Anna-Rose and Giuliana, the inspiration behind her brand, and is the wife of Tottenham Hotspur captain and goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, who is also captain of the French national team.

With a Masters degree in Social Psychology and a Masters in Human Resource Management, Marine is an independent wife and working mother who has realised her dream of creating her very own luxury girlswear brand.

is designed for girls aged from 2-12 years, where every dress is created with special occasions in mind. Being Marine a believer in quality and ethical manufacturing, collections are produced in Italy and in London, where every dress is made using high end fabrics with unique textures, sourced from textile factories in the UK, Italy and France.

Founded by Marine in 2016, has already a Vip fan base, as Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Christina Milian and Emma, 2018 winner of The Voice Kids in France, who is the current french ambassador for the brand.

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Prestige collection Launch in 2017 @Harvey Nichols, London
Photographer Chelsea White